Coaching in the Workplace

Do You Still Believe in Command and Control?

Developing others requires leaders to have access to a range of styles that they can adopt according to the circumstances that they are facing. Amongst the numerous styles possible, research shows that to have and to communicate a clear vision and to be an effective coach are probably the two most important. The overriding value of the second of these areas, coaching, is that it enables the leader to create new leaders throughout the organisation by helping others to learn.

The days when employees responded to a command and control management style are long gone. Today, leaders must move people from dependence to independence. Employees want supportive, encouraging leadership that allows them to make decisions and retain a sense of individuality and creativity while also helping in developing their professional and technical skills.

We Deliver the Goods

To achieve this, our programme equips leaders to with not only an understanding of how to coach, but also the capabilities and the motivation to do so. Corporate leaders do not necessarily need the coaching ability of a professional coach; however, they always benefit massively from the ability to apply a simple and effective process that enhances the performance of their team.

Specific benefits that you can expect when we help you to introduce and integrate coaching into your business include:


  • The creation of a learning environment that enhances creativity and responsiveness to change
  • An increase in employee motivation and performance, bringing much more of people's true potential into play
  • Enhanced leadership skills throughout the business
  • Greater cooperation and understanding between staff members
  • A significant uplift in employee satisfaction.