Transition Skills

Transition Challenges Effect All Employees

This program is similar in content to our Transition Coaching for Executives proposition. We recognise that there are many new employees for whom the requirements of starting a new job are equally challenging as those faced by senior leaders, but who may not be considered to be sufficiently senior to warrant one-on-one coaching support. Therefore, this service has been developed to offer a cost effective solution for more junior employees.

The Skills Can be Learned

The overall goal is the same as for our transition coaching - to provide a cost effective way to accelerate the transition of new employees and limit the number of failures. This can be done by directly addressing the root cause of the challenges they face in the first 3 to 6 months of their employment. Even though everyone's skills, background and circumstances differ enormously, it is possible to identify many common practices that can be taught and which are of general benefit - thus avoiding early mistakes and boosting the likelihood of long-term success.

In a workshop environment we work through a proven and systematic approach so that all participants are able to:

  • Develop a very clear learning plan
  • Ensure that business priorities are rapidly established and receive the necessary degree of focus through the development of a 90-day plan
  • Secure quick wins
  • Identify how existing strengths can best be applied to the new role
  • Become more aware of their potential blind spots
  • Bring the necessary degree of focus to both establishing themselves in their team and developing great relationships early on
  • Establish personal profile and "brand"
  • Learn techniques to quickly resolve emotional issues and doubts that are common in the early days of a new role.

This helps new employees to get off to a flying start in their new roles, accelerating the return on the investment in them, helping them to be more effective and dramatically reducing the risk that they will fail to meet expectation.

Click_here_to_download_our_free_report, "The Transition Factor: Why New Hires Frequently Fail, and How to Protect Your Investment in Them", explaining why a focus on recruitment alone cannot guarantee the effectiveness of new hires.