Transition Coaching

Get it Right from the Start

There is widespread agreement that less than 50% of executives transitioning between roles meet the expectations of their employer in their new position. This is costing businesses huge amounts of money, and is a problem with which fine-tuning or enhancing recruitment processes has largely failed to deal.

So, if current approaches are not delivering what is required, how can you protect your investment and accelerate the productivity of your new leaders?

At Optimal Track, we believe that the most cost effective way to limit the number of failures and accelerate transition is to address directly the root cause of the challenges faced in the first 3 to 6 months of a new role. The problem is not that people with a great track record suddenly can't cope - it is simply that they don't know how to be successful in this critical period, during which small differences in actions create a disproportionate effect on later results. Whether people succeed or fail can usually be traced to the cycles, virtuous or vicious, that become established at this time.

We Have the Solution

By coaching leaders in transition they can be provided with invaluable assistance to enable them to excel in meeting the challenges of an unfamiliar role and the inevitably high expectations of what needs to be delivered. It helps them to develop the skills and competencies needed to maximise contribution to the business right from the start, to become highly personally effective, and to enhance career potential. This not only enhances performance but also leverages the large cash investment required to bring them on board.

It is not possible to define a one-size-fits-all approach to transition strategy, since every situation and every person's needs are different; however, the necessary skills are identifiable and may be learned. This means that the adoption of a systematic approach and the development of a road map for success are both possible.

We work closely with our clients during their first 90 days to ensure that their transition is effective by helping them to:

  • Develop a very clear learning plan
  • Ensure that business priorities are rapidly established and receive the necessary degree of focus through the development of a 90-day plan
  • Secure quick wins
  • Identify how old strengths can best be applied to the new role
  • Become aware of their blind spots
  • Build their team and bring focus to developing great relationships early on
  • Establish personal profile and "brand"
  • Quickly resolve emotional issues and doubts that are common in the early days of a new role.

If you would like further information on this topic, please click_here_to_download_our_free_report, "The Transition Factor: Why New Hires Frequently Fail, and How to Protect Your Investment in Them."