Customised Programmes

Developing an Effective Training Programme

Creating a higher level of performance involves getting people to alter their habitual behaviour. This is much harder than most people recognise, so delivering any training programme successfully demands a deeper understanding of many of the "softer" aspects of human behaviour. It requires that full account is taken of all of the following factors:

  • That learning is a process, NOT an event, because embedding new behaviours requires regular practice and repetition.
  • Cultural transformation in conjunction with any significant development programme is essential, so that people are fully supported in their personal change efforts.
  • The need for a holistic approach to fully engage all of the stakeholders in the most efficient and effective manner.

A much more detailed explanation of each of these areas is available by clicking the links above.

Our approach to meeting these requirements will involve the following elements to a greater or lesser degree, depending on your needs:

  • Establishing desired outcomes.
  • A lead-in to the programme to allow us all to familiarise ourselves with each other, establish rapport and gain commitment to the process.
  • An introductory workshop or seminar to provide the foundations for later work.
  • Delivery of the formal content of the programme in a modular form over a few months. This may take place in workshops or by teleconference, as appropriate. To ensure that there is sufficient repetition we generally recommend a combination of the two, with weekly teleconferences maintaining continuity between workshops. These will be highly interactive.
  • Activities to be practiced by participants on an ongoing basis.
  • Accountability checks in the form of team coaching (preferable) or written reporting.
  • Progress assessments at intervals and on completion of the process.