Team Coaching

Do You Have Teams...
or Just Groups of People Working Together?

Teamwork is always at the heart of winning team performances: research clearly demonstrates that high performing teams are more collaborative, professional, creative and happy. However, this can be a perplexing topic because even though true individual success is virtually unknown - pretty much everyone gets support and help from others - a high level of teamwork is rarely found in today's workplace. According to a recent survey of Fortune 500 CEOs, the No. 1 issue facing today's leaders is "the creation of a team based culture." This is often especially true at the senior levels of an organisation, where personal ambition and competition tend to dominate.

The foundations of great teams are built on strong, trusting interpersonal relationships, holding each other mutually accountable, and having shared goals and objectives. Such teams also have a great ability to resolve internal conflict. As a result they make better decisions and are much better equipped to achieve targets.

Coaching Delivers

The power of team coaching is its ability to fully engage all the players, creating a sense of collective responsibility and empowerment rather leaving the leader in sole charge of the results. This is a highly skilled activity because of the nature of the problems that can surface as people open up and get to know each other better.

Our approach draws on our knowledge of the drivers of human attitudes and behaviour, coaching, team dynamics and our extensive business experience. It is always highly tailored to the individual needs of each client, and as a minimum will generally involve the following steps:

  • Clearly identify the desired outcomes
  • Work with individual members of the team to establish rapport, explain the purpose of the programme and collect information relating to the current team performance and challenges
  • Meet with the whole team, facilitating a discussion to more deeply understand issues, raise awareness of alternatives, prioritise areas of focus and agree more detailed objectives
  • Conduct further team coaching sessions as required to establish goals and action plans, review progress, solicit feedback and update approach
  • Conclude with an assessment of progress, comparing the team's effectiveness with the original ratings from the start of the process.

Through this process a much more collaborative environment can be established, automatically unleashing the full creativity, energy and potential of the team. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the following benefits:

  • Enhanced decision making, higher quality and consistency of team output, and greater commitment to the delivery of business results
  • A better understanding of other people among the members of the team and more acceptance of diversity
  • Improved emotional maturity, communication, and ability to resolve conflict harmoniously
  • Greater trust and collaboration
  • Higher satisfaction levels leading to improved retention.

Enhancing the performance of your team by developing these traits is both a cultural and a skills issue, and team coaching is a dynamic approach to making it happen. At its most effective, it blends many of the features of one-on-one coaching with research and facilitation skills. We know of no other application of coaching that has more potential to create a powerful impact in business.

Competition within Teams

There is one key factor that undermines efforts to attain peak team performance: internal competition. Whilst being a normal aspect of human nature, when present between team members it undermines the essential principles of codependence and commitment to a common purpose that are critical to achievement at the highest level. The selfishness created by competition between team members disrupts teams of all descriptions.

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For teams to function creatively and harmoniously does not happen automatically. It needs constant work and the development of a higher level of awareness to overcome the deeply instinctive tendency of human beings to act competitively. However, success is possible and the benefits from doing so are enormous.