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Being The Effective Leader by Michael Nicholas

Being The Effective Leader is a practical guide to enable you to improve your leadership capabilities. Take a look at the Contents List and Introduction here. It reveals proven success principles, explains why many leadership strategies fail, and clearly lays out how with the right approach anyone can become a successful leader (click for a more comprehensive description).

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Corporate Culture - The Driving Force of your Business

This report describes in detail why the ability to change corporate culture is both critical to success and very difficult to achieve. It describes the key challenges that undermine many change efforts and how they can be overcome.

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The Transition Factor: Why New Hires Frequently Fail and How to Protect Your Investment in Them

Among the numerous books and courses on leadership that exist, very few cover the very specific challenges of transition, or onboarding. This report examines the reasons why enhancing your recruitment process will never deliver 100% successful transitions. It also details the factors that must be addressed if success levels are to be raised.

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