Customised Programmes

To Grow your Business you Must Develop your People

Having cutting edge technology, great products and leading-edge service offerings is not enough to guarantee sustained success. Why? Because people drive the performance of a business.

It is clear that the only route to improved results over the longer term is to have a team that is better able to create value. Research by the American Society of Training and Development found that companies that invest in their people consistently outperform those that do not by an average of 35% per year. Quite simply, old habits will never enable an organisation or individual to create better performance. And times of rapid change make the development of a company's workforce more important, not less.

Customised Programmes to Meet Your Needs

Working with Optimal Track you will rapidly come to recognise the benefits to be gained from tailoring your training and development efforts so that they:

  • Measure success according to what people do, as opposed to what they know
  • Focus on developing each individual - real growth and change come from an increase in self-awareness
  • Incorporate repetition and practice over a reasonable period of time
  • Are supported by the culture of the organisation.

The omission of any of these elements could undermine the success of your programme. If you would like further information on the reasons why and our approach to dealing with them, they are available at Developing_an_Effective_Training_Programme.

To meet these requirements, our approach will be tailored to your individual needs - it must be, because you have unique needs, challenges, goals and outcomes.

Because of the flexible nature of our programmes boundaries between them are somewhat hard to define; however, they can be broadly characterised into the following areas: