Partner Summits

How Effective is Your Current Marketing Spend?

Do you currently spend money on marketing activities such as golf days, taking clients to sports events or dinners at great restaurants? And how much direct business value do such activities deliver to your guests?

Perhaps you would you be interested in an innovative approach to building business relationships.

At Optimal Track we have developed a series of exclusive Partnership Summits to retain the benefits of your current marketing events, whilst also adding huge business value to those that you invite. This is how they work. We deliver a seminar tailored exclusively for you and your guests - generally clients and prospects. A subject of relevance and interest to your clients is chosen as the focus for the event - for example, Effective Leadership, Goal Setting or Personal Success Strategies - and we deliver the content.

A Great Relationship Tool

The content of the seminar is developed to showcase your business at its very best. We will encompass aspects of your key values, success stories, testimonials, etc., seamlessly into the educational content. You will also have time for networking, which will give your team the opportunity to get to know your guests better in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

There are many benefits to these events both in aiding retention of existing clients and for winning new business:

  • By delivering a truly valuable, inspirational and educational event you create a very favourable impression of your company.
  • You increase client loyalty by delivering value above and beyond that included in your normal proposition.
  • By bringing your existing clients and prospects into the same room it gives your prospects access to the very best sales tool of all - references from other satisfied clients. Your existing clients can sell your products or services much more easily than you can sell yourself.
  • By giving your guests something of business value, we engage in them the natural human desire to reciprocate. As all great salesmen know, the value of what they return to you will often be far in excess of that which they received.
  • You can allow your guests to invite guests of their own, thereby increasing your prospect list.
  • By placing one of your sales team/consultants on each table you gain an excellent opportunity to build relationships and find out much more about the needs of your clients.