Leadership Development

Leadership - Not Only at the Top

The current, rapid change in the marketplace is driving an unprecedented demand for leaders, and this pace looks set only to increase further. Quite simply, companies need leaders if they are to be able to respond because leadership and change are synonymous. Yet according to a recent CIPD survey, the majority of organisations still report a shortage of really effective leaders.

There is nothing more transformational in a company than developing the leadership skills of its employees. Without leadership, everything that a business does will tend to reinforce the status quo. Progress will be impossible. Conversely, to be really strong in the emerging economy companies will require leaders from top to bottom.   Read more...


Better Leaders, Better Business - It's that Simple

Because of the pace of change, the development of individuals as leaders has never been a more essential ingredient of initiatives to improve business performance. Through our learning and coaching programmes, each of which can be individually tailored to best meet your exact needs, we will help to deliver many benefits, such as:

  • Increased productivity and commercial performance
  • Cultural evolution
  • The creation of a learning environment
  • Enhanced creativity and innovation.

Our approach is based upon extensive studies of leadership, some of the most widely recognised and respected models of human behaviour, and our practical experience. By helping people to understand the root cause of their results, then focusing on change at that level, rapid improvements can be made.

Some of the fundamental principles that we have found to generate the highest levels of success are:

  • Ensuring that everyone fully understands why it is impossible to be a truly effective leader without first taking responsibility for personal leadership - leadership is not a position but a way of being.
  • Taking into account cultural issues - in particular attitudes to learning and risk - which have the potential to undermine even the best planned development program.
  • Encouraging flexibility - failure to let go of the known is one of the major causes of stagnation in companies.
  • Focusing on strengths, not weaknesses - the motivation to do well is always greatest when people are encouraged to do even better at things that they like doing and already do well.
  • Building practice and repetition into the program - it is essential to change habitual behaviours if sustained performance improvement is to be achieved. For this reason, all of our programmes are highly practical, giving people specific skills to practice focused on enhancing both their own performance and that of everyone around them.