Winning With Goals

Clear Goals Promote Success

Have you ever noticed that successful people aren't always the most highly qualified, the hardest working, or even the smartest? Have you ever wondered why some people consistently win, whilst others seem to attract all of life's hardships? This is not down to luck. Studies clearly show that many of the most successful people of all time had no particular advantages when they started out. On the contrary, many of them started from modest beginnings and had a poor education. However, it is possible to identify factors that they have in common.

One of the traits that highly successful men and women share is that they focus intensely on their goals. In fact, the ability to set goals and to make plans for their accomplishment is often considered to be the "master skill" of success. And the same can also be said of organisations.   Read more...

The Next Generation of Goal Setting

Our Winning with Goals program is much more than your typical individual or team goal setting exercise. We definitely will not simply rehash the old well-trodden advice on goals, such as using SMART, which everybody who will attend has probably heard before and which is fundamentally flawed. Instead we will facilitate a learning experience that will transform your thinking about what is possible for you and show you how to achieve it.

During this program we will:

  • Raise your awareness of why goals are essential to success and what the difference is between goal setting and goal achieving
  • Identify the three common mistakes that people make in setting goals, the ignorance of which can cause a failure to achieve them or nullify all of the benefits
  • Deliver simple and practical advice on setting goals and facilitate a process to enable you to establish your own performance-enhancing goals
  • Provide the tools necessary to ensure that you can achieve even the most audacious goal
  • Work jointly with you to gain the alignment and commitment of all major stakeholders behind the goals

Further Benefits

Furthermore, research by Accenture found that businesses that sustain success focus on surpassing themselves, not on beating the competition. In other words, they work in a creative mode, not a reactive one. The goals of these companies typically only relate to the best in the industry, not those closest in relation to their size or previous performance. By choosing to focus on being the best, regardless of size or current position, they maximise creativity and advancement.

Goals are also critical to the cohesion and commitment of a team. Goals keep people focused, channelling their efforts and, provided they have buy-in, will motivate the team to work much harder than they would do otherwise. To wholly engage each member of the team, it is important to have a common goal and make sure that they believe in it.

We also want to stress the importance of gaining employee belief in, and alignment behind, the goals of the organisation. Everyone must buy into and be inspired by your goals and recognise their own importance in delivering them if they are to change behaviours: we never give 100% to something that we do not believe in, and we may not even start.