Being The Effective Leader

Wondering how to get the most out of your team? Concerned that your own performance may not be up to par? Then you need to read Being The Effective Leader, in which author Michael Nicholas offers eight transformational and proven techniques to enable you to unlock your true leadership potential.

This challenging book will help you look at the real root cause of your results Ė your mind. It explains why effective leadership must start with the individual, demonstrating that progress is the result of a sequential growth process from the inside out. Amongst the core principles explored are:

  • The style of leadership needed if businesses are to respond positively to the radical changes taking place in world markets
  • Why we all resist change, and how this can be overcome to fulfil more of our potential
  • Why character and integrity are essential foundations in high performance leadership
  • The vital importance of lifelong learning and how to reinvigorate your learning capability
  • How understanding people better can transform your results and those of your company
  • The critical and commonly overlooked aspects of corporate culture that are indispensable to high performance
  • Why creativity rather than competition will produce the best results from your team.

Being The Effective Leader is your handbook to enable you to not only become more effective but also to gain more fulfilment in the process. It provides simple lessons that can be used every day to transform your relationships with others and shows you how to become that most effective of leaders - someone who creates leaders around you.

If you would like to get a better feel for how you could benefit from this groundbreaking work,

Extensive research has conclusively demonstrated that leadership is a vital element in all outstandingly successful enterprises, not just at the top but at every level. If you are seeking to achieve more, whether you are the head of a multi-national, aspiring to your first management position, or running your own business, this book is for you.

Order Being The Effective Leader today, and take the first step to unlocking more of your leadership potential.

In Praise of Being The Effective Leader

“A great book, an important book for it convincingly states the crucial fact that true leadership comes from inside ourselves, if we have the courage to look; not from business schools – or books, except for this one.”

~ Sir John Whitmore, author of Coaching for Performance


“Michael Nicholas has beautifully brought together the complementary areas of personal and leadership development to offer an insightful guide for how you can get ahead. This is an extraordinary book that will be a valuable addition to the libraries of both entrepreneurs and coaches.”

~ Jonathan Jay, Multi-Millionnaire Entrepreneur, and founder of The Coaching Academy and


“This detailed and rigorous exploration of the impact of thinking processes and beliefs on leadership is very much overdue. Michael Nicholas uncovers the habits of thinking and behaviours that will enable you to become a world class leader.”

~ Steve Siebold, author of177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class


"In this book Michael Nicholas clearly explains how to get things done more quickly and effectively. It is built around the solid principles adopted by the most successful leaders. Donít just read this book -- use it every day to put you on the fast track to superior results."

~ Vic Johnson, Founder,


"Do you want to really understand the essential principles necessary to transform your capability as an individual and as leader and equip yourself with the skills in how to put them into practice? If so, then I canít recommend Being The Effective Leader highly enough."

~ Richard Millman, Group Strategy Director, Danoptra Gaming Group


"Few people are aware of the enormous potential that we are all born with, and even fewer take advantage of it. Everything that we achieve stems from the use of the mind Ė Being The Effective Leader will show you how."

~ Paul Martinelli, President, LifeSuccess Consulting


Do you want to be able to dramatically improve your influencing skills, and with them your leadership? Then Being The Effective Leader is a must read.

~ Kate Burton, author of NLP for Dummies


“If you want to make a change in your life, Being The Effective Leader will make a difference in your approach and give you information that will not only show you how to change, but will also inspire you to do so.”

~ Jim Sloane, Vice Chairman, Deloitte & Touche UK


 “Simple and profound. The advice in Being The Effective Leader offers everybody, whether they consider themselves to be a leader or not, the opportunity to improve the way that they work with and influence others.”

~ Ben Bengougam, HR Director, DSGi


If you want your business to compete, then its people must collaborate. Michael Nicholas clearly describes why this behaviour is so rare and how to motivate people to be the best that they can be. A must-read for leaders at all levels.

~ Keith Jones, Managing Director, PC World Stores Group


“I found Being The Effective Leader to be a must read for anyone who leads others. Not only does it explain why we are getting our current results, it offers sound business advice about how to improve them.”

~ Peter Thomson, One of the UK’s Leading Strategists on Business and Personal Growth


Michael Nicholas blends a wealth of both established and new leadership ideas, together with his own extensive experience, to present a straightforward formula that anybody can use.

~ Julie Harding, European HR Director, HSBC Bank plc


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